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Your Fridge: 6 Tips to Make it Market Ready

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | February 4th, 2015

Everyone looks in your fridge.

When you list your home for sale, there are no longer any secrets and your fridge is among those places that are no longer sacred.  People will open your fridge always. Most times I think they open it just to see what you eat, and how clean and organized it is. Treat your fridge as another way to make a first impression on a home Buyer.

In any event your fridge will get opened, and you want to be ready for it.

  1. Clean and Clean – take everything out and clean the whole thing with a wet cloth and some vinegar. It’s natural and will kill any leftover food smells. There is absolutely nothing worse than opening up another person’s fridge and having the smell hang in the air long after you close the door.
  2. Toss Leftovers – let’s be serious about who eats leftovers after the third day. It just smells and will end up growing mould. Just toss it. Once your house is on the market you might be eating out a lot. Lets face it.
  3. Condiments – 90% of most people’s fridge space is taken up with jars of condiments. Go through them; toss any you haven’t used in 6 months. Consolidate half used jars of the same stuff. you dont need to move this stuff - and you are moving. This will also make your fridge look bigger.
  4. Remove all the bags – if you have vegetables and fruits in the bags you packed them in the grocery store then take them out of the bags. Who says your fridge can’t be another form of staging? A dish of lemons or dragon fruit and mangoes in the fridge will make it look pretty. The bags just make it look messy.
  5. Pack your meat – if you like to keep meat on hand for dinner, store it in a Tupperware container, so the mess can also be contained. Blood and mess from meat is a huge turn off for even the most seasoned meat eater.
  6. Go sparse – if your house is on the market, buy fewer groceries that week. Chances are with evening showings and open houses, you will be eating out, at a friend’s house, or grabbing take out more. Having less in the fridge makes it look larger, giving people the idea that, yes they can have that super bowl party/family thanksgiving/ or dinner party and their fridge can accommodate their new lifestyle.
  7. Remove your Fridge Art - I am a huge fan of fridge art, I believe the fridge magnet is a must. But fridge art makes your fridge look sloppy and your kitchen llok disprganized - even if its not. Pack your fridge art up for the next house.

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