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Why Use a Realtor?

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | April 13th, 2016

In today’s world, we have a tendency to want to do everything ourselves. With YouTube and DIY books at our disposal offering “how to’s” on pretty much every topic, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips to guide us through our everyday endeavours. However, while we agree that there are many things we can do ourselves, there are a few things that we really shouldn’t do – and DIYing real estate is one of them. Here are a few reasons why you should use a realtor if you want to buy and sell the proper way.


Realtor Experience

While you may have researched the ins-and-outs of the real estate business, there’s one thing that you probably won’t have – experience. Realtors live and breathe properties, so they know which neighbourhoods hold their value, whether the house is under-priced or over-priced, whether you can build on the land and which conditions should be included in contracts for your protection.



A realtor’s job is to act as the point of contact between the buyer and seller. If you’re doing it all by yourself, you’ll not only be tasked with finding properties, you’ll also have to schedule appointments, handle phone calls and answer questions from interested parties. If you already have a busy schedule this can be a huge inconvenience, which is why it’s easier to hand it over to the professionals.


Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation isn’t an easy business. Bidding wars, cut-throat tactics, cash-offers and other techniques can come into play, so leaving it to the professional will give you the peace of mind that it will be handled properly. Realtors are highly experienced with negotiations and know how to handle communication without emotions creeping in. Realtors also know how to take the heat in difficult situations and get you the price that you’re looking for.



Realtors have access to a whole range of listings and will use their contacts to find the best home to suit you or find a suitable seller. Not only that, but they have connections in other areas too, such as mortgage brokers, attorneys, interior designers, home inspectors, construction companies, etc. This can come in handy if you’re planning to renovate, buy an older property or you simply need extra help with the buying and selling process.


While Google can provide a lot of information when it comes to buying or selling your home, it’s important that you don’t underestimate what the process involves. Difficult situations can easily arise and it’s a huge financial and emotional commitment, so often it can help to use a realtor and have a professional on your side when making such a big decision.

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