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To Stage or not to Stage

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | November 13th, 2014

To Stage or Not To Stage?

You’ve decided to put your home up for sale and want to know if it’s worth investing in staging.  As a Vancouver Realtor who sees the inside of many, many, many peoples’ homes, it can definitely be beneficial to stage.  The largest benefit to staging is that you can immediately remove all personal touches that have meaning for you but not the buyer.  This includes items such as family pictures, magnets on the fridge and any clutter that you don’t want seen.  Staging companies use the current trends to decorate and maximize the layout which allows buyers to appreciate your homes features.  Buyers want an environment that they can envision themselves living in and staging basically shows your home in the best light possible.  Imagine your house as if your mother in law was coming to visit. What woudl you do differently? If you are thinking of selling contact me now at claire@thinkclaire.com

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