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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Patio

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | March 6th, 2017

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Patio



Its march in Vancouver, and its still snowing. This is quite normally the time of year where I take pictures of myself mowing my lawn and send it back east to my relatives who are still snowed in under two feet of snow. Not this year. (Insert frowny face here)

So. When it finally does get around to spring days and balmy weather, and the urge hits you to get outside and garden, here are some tips for making your outdoor space summer ready.

Clean up your BBQ – uncover your BBQ and turn it on, let the mold and mildew burn off and then clean the grill with a cloth covered in olive oil. Wipe down the outside lid, clean off all the areas that might have grease and spoiled food with a cleaner and let it burn for 20 minutes to heat up. Check your propane tank and make sure its full. Insert reminder to buy another one, so that your left in the cold…literally.

Clean your furniture – wash and paint anything teak, wipe down aluminum furniture, and brush anything wicker or rattan. Move the furniture and sweep underneath.

Sweep your deck -making sure the concrete space or deck space is clean and free of cobwebs and leaves. Make sure not to brush it over the deck railing onto your neighbors!

Clean any glass – give the glass and the railings a good wash with some cleaning agent to remove any green mold, or dust.

Move any potted plants to the side – too early to see if most of them made it through the winter, but moving them to the side so you can clean around them and consolidate will work for now.

Grass – if you are lucky enough to have any, rake it and then get some grass seed and spread it around. It will start germinating and burst out the first warm day.

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