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Tips for Buying a Luxury Property

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | February 15th, 2017

Tips For Buying A Luxury Property


From the Private Residences at the Hotel Georgia, to characterful trophy penthouses, to sprawling luxury properties on the North Shore, Vancouver has an abundance of beautiful homes on the market. Nowadays, high-end homes have wonderful features which will no doubt make you comfortable in your new property. If you’re looking for a home that boasts elegance and class, here are a few tips for buying a luxury property and things to look out for before investing in your dream place.


Look beyond the photos

With luxury properties, it can be hard to perceive just how luxurious it is through photographs. Classic and traditional furniture can easily look old-fashioned, and large spaces can look cold or empty through a lens. You need to look beyond the photos and visit the space for yourself, and pay more attention to features such as square footage, bedroom and bathroom size, the kitchen, and the views. Consider the potential in the property and how you may like to change it in case you ever decide to renovate or extend.


Hire a realtor

Often, the best or most luxury properties aren’t always listed. This may be because the seller wants to protect their privacy, or because they want to sell the home to someone in their network. Either way, a realtor will be well equipped with knowledge of secret listings and may be able to use their personal connections to find you the luxury property that you’re looking for. Work with a local expert who is familiar with the market and who has a good network of people in luxury real estate.


Assess the area

It’s also important to look at the surrounding area and amenities that you could make use of. If a nearby golf course or beach access is important, look for homes that fall into this category to fit your lifestyle. If you don’t want to visit every property, simply look on Google maps and explore the area that way instead. Another huge part of a luxury property is its view and immediate surroundings. Research any planned zoning or construction projects that may obstruct your balcony view or cause a lot of noise disturbance.


If you’re looking to buy a luxury property in Vancouver, we have many fine homes in Downtown, North Shore, East Vancouver, and in the Suburbs. Get in touch today and we’ll help you find your dream home, whatever area of the city.




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