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Save Your Strata documents? Yes!

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | December 5th, 2014

Saving all of your strata documents may feel like a big waste of time, and take up alot of space. However, keeping them will save you time effort and money in the long run.

When I list your home for sale, I will ask you for the last two years of documents for sale purposes. If you happen to have the last five years, I can read through them and keep them on file for future reference. It is always good to know the history of the building, especially if the building has had work done, or problems, knowing makes it easier to anticipate what challenges will pop up in the future, and I can work to alleviate those problems before they happen, saving you time and money.

In addition, if you have done work on your unit, such as moving walls, renovations, or laying new floors, the strata will issue you a letter telling you those renovations have been approved. Keep these! Many stratas are moving between property mangement companies, and while it is the duty of the property management companies to keep all of those records and pass them between property managers, small files left on a managers computer may get left behind.

Many buyers of condos that have been renovated are asking for these letters as proof the renovations have been done to code, with permits and with the permission fo the strata. While the vast majority of property managers are very good at their jobs and providing information, all of them are only human, and cannot provide you with a permission letter they dont have, or that got lost in the mix up.

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