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Party Etiquette for the Holidays, or Any day

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | December 10th, 2014

Navigating modern day party etiquette can be tricky, but let me tell you, you have to do it! There is absolutely nothing worse than a tacky guest, a cranky host, or a small detail over looked which turns into a make work program. I blame it on technology, personally, but etiquette has taken a back seat in the past few years, and this holiday season I intend to make the most of bringing it back.

Do take invites seriously – Just RSVP, yes or no or maybe. Don’t leave your host hanging. They need to prepare and by sending a quick RSVP you can help them out a bit. And do it as soon as you can. Not 10 minutes before the party

Don’t arrive early – your hosts will be frantic with last minute details, and 15 minutes before your intended party time, is the most frantic of all.

Do come bearing gifts - but don’t make more work for your host. I love flowers. Bring flowers, but bring a vase as well. Even better? A candle, a bottle of wine, fresh fruit, pretty tea towels, all of these are good things which can be quickly loved,  and gloated over then set aside to enjoy later.

Do offer to help – a little help with pouring drinks, refreshing ice, or more napkins goes a long way. Everyone needs a little help from their friends. Right?

Do offer an alternative to alcohol – not everyone drinks, or wants to drink. Offer those who choose to abstain with some alternative refreshments that are just as party like as a glass of wine. A pretty glass of sparkling water with frozen cranberries, a slice of orange and some ice will be just as festive for that designated driver.

Do provide bowls - pits, shells, and tails, all need a place and not on the serving plate. And there is nothing worse than carrying it around in your hand because there is no place to put it. Or worse, you find it the next morning in the couch cushions. UGH!

Don’t use your phone – for the love of all things, please don’t answer you phone at the dinner table or check your face book newsfeed or text your friend. Holy Hanna there is nothing more annoying. It just shows your guests you don’t appreciate their company as much.

Do keep the bathroom well stocked – have plenty of hand towels, hand soap, poo-pouri, and toilet paper. thumb

You will thank me later :)

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