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How to Sell Your Home Quickly

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | October 6th, 2016

How To Sell Your Home Quickly


For many home sellers, their main concern is selling their home quickly and smoothly. Perhaps they’re relocating to a different area or country and need a quick sale, or maybe they have a new property lined up but they’re waiting to sell their old home before they can complete the transaction. Many people think that in order to achieve a quick sale, you need to lower the price, but this isn’t true if you follow the right steps and use your resources to your best advantage. Here are our best tips on how to sell your home fast and a few simple things you can do to speed up the sale.


Hire a realtor

It goes without saying that realtors are incredibly valuable when buying and selling a home. The real estate market can be stressful, so it always helps to have a professional on your side helping with important decisions and offering advice when it’s needed. A respected realtor will have all the skills and expertise needed to secure a quick sale with maximum profit, and will have negotiation experience and contacts to make everything as swift and easy as possible.


Home staging

Home staging is a great way to sell your home faster and secure a deal. The process of home staging involves moving furniture and bringing in additional items that will help to present your home in the most appealing and attractive way. Home staging helps buyers to realize the potential in the property, and to envisage their lives in the home. By removing personal items and decluttering, this helps to present a blank canvas for the buyer and can result in a much faster sale.


Sweeten the deal

It often helps to throw in some extra items to sweeten the deal with the buyer and secure a quicker and smoother transaction. To sell your home, some sellers may offer a portion of money towards the closing costs to help the buyer financially, or may offer to leave certain appliances such as the washing machine, oven, dryer, or pieces of furniture. If your home has a lovely garden, perhaps offer to hire a landscaper to tidy everything up and trim back the shrubs before the buyer moves in as an added incentive.


Whether you’re looking for a realtor to help sell your home fast, or you’re searching for the perfect property, we’d love to talk about how we can help! There are plenty of beautiful homes in Downtown Vancouver, the North Shore, and in the Suburbs to suit all preferences, so get in touch today to discuss more about what you’re looking for in a property.


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