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How to Sell Your Home in Vancouver's Rain

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | February 15th, 2017

How to Sell Your Home in The Rain


Vancouver – or as we call it, Raincouver – has definitely been living up to its rainy reputation as of late. This October broke record rainfall levels for days of rain, and sunny days have been a rarity. But what does this wet weather mean when it comes to selling your home, and what can you do to make a great first impression on potential buyers even in the pouring rain? Read on to learn how to sell your home on a rainy day and what to do to ensure the rain doesn’t dampen your success.


Brighten it up

Rainy days can make your house feel dark and gloomy, especially as you won’t have any warming sunlight streaming through the windows. Brighten things up with lamps and good lighting to showcase and sell your home in the best way and make it feel bright and airy. This is especially important if your home is compact, as adding light will make it feel much larger, so make sure every shutter is open and every blind is folded up. Set the mood with scented candles, and even consider lighting the fire (if you have one) to create a warm and cosy feel.


Clean the leaves

It’s essential that the outside of your home looks great to “wow” potential viewers from the moment they step foot on your property. If you live in a suburban property or a townhouse with a front yard, clean up the leaves that may be blocking the driveway, and cut away any dead flowers to keep your yard looking fresh. If you live in a condo, make sure your windows are smear free and the outside of your door in the corridor is nice and clean to more easily sell your home.


Hire a realtor

If you’re trying to sell your home on a rainy day without a realtor, you may not be seeing much success. Hire a realtor to maximize your chances of selling your home in the rain, as no doubt your realtor will have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to selling homes in different seasons. Look for a property specialist in Vancouver who will listen to your needs and help you to find the home of your dreams.


One benefit of selling your home on a rainy day is that you attract the more serious buyers and the people who won’t let a bit of wet weather affect their property search. If you’re looking for a real estate specialist in Vancouver, get in touch today.



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