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Essential Home Staging Tips

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | April 27th, 2016

Home staging may not sound like an important part of the selling process. However, it’s more valuable than you think, especially if you’re looking for a quicker sale. Home staging can mean the difference between selling your home after two weeks, and selling it after two months, so it’s definitely a wise step if you’re looking to maximize your chances of a good sale. Here are a few reasons why staging your home is essential in the pre-selling process, and how it can make your home look more desirable.


Make a great first impression

The purpose of home staging is to make the best first impression for potential buyers. Staging is even more important if you’ve moved out and your home is sitting vacant, as buyers need to be able to envisage the use of the space. Giving the rooms an inviting feel with furniture, drapes, and rugs will better your chances of a sale and make your home more striking and memorable.


Get a quicker sale

Home staging has been proven to secure a quicker sale. It makes buyers feel like the home is ready to move into, and it offers inspiration on how to make best use of the space. If you haven’t yet moved out of the property, home stagers can come in and remove clutter, rearrange furniture and get the house ready for sale. The process may involve adding finishing touches such as cushions, lamps and accessories, as well as removing some personal items and emotion to allow the buyer to envisage their life in the house.


Sell at a better price

What will buyers pay top dollar for – an empty space that feels cold and lifeless, or a ready-made home that feels warm, homely and liveable? The answer is definitely the latter. When people see the property online, they’re more likely to book a viewing if they’re impressed by the interior design. If your home doesn’t show well, it can easily sit on the market for months and even years. Home staging helps you to sell at a better price and means your house isn’t sat on the market for as long.


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