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Dont Waste Your Time. Get a Realtor

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | March 15th, 2017

I recently sat at my open house one Saturday afternoon. It was the first beautiful day without snow in Vancouver for a really long time (at least it felt like a long time!!!) The majority of people and groups who were coming through the open were asking if the property had the ability to be rented.


I haven’t advertised the property as being rentable, and it is clearly displayed in writing in the write up of the property. There is no place that states the property is able to be rented.


My question is this. Why, would you waste your perfectly good sunny Saturday afternoon out looking at properties that aren’t within your search criteria. If you wanted to buy a property that was able to be rented, would you be looking at properties that are clearly not able to rented? This absolute waste of time and effort is lost on me completely.


Why would you not use a buyer’s agent? This is their job people. A good buyer’s agent will search through the properties that are in your given price point and make sure they are able to be rented before you even receive them. This way there is no waste of time.


Some people, when I ask them this, always say, “well I don’t want to waste a realtor’s time”.


Get over yourself. If you really want to buy a property you will get a good realtor to help you. If you are just thinking about it, then get a good realtor to help you. If you aren’t really that serious then go to a few opens, and talk to a mortgage broker, then get  good realtor to help you.


Its so very simple. So much more simple and less aggravating for everyone involved, if you just get a realtor.

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