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Decorating your Home for the Holidays When it is for Sale

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | December 10th, 2014

Whether you decide to put your home on the market specifically for the Holidays, or it's been for sale all Fall and you and your Realtor decide to keep it on the market for Christmas, you will probably want to decorate. After all it is still your home for the time being and Holiday decorations are quite pretty. Not to mention it gets you in the spirit. And after a long Fall of showings and open houses who doesn't need more Christmas spirit?

Here are some great tips:

1. Less is more - leave the over the top exterior and interior holiday decorations to the people who do it best. Twinkle lights and ornaments stuffed into every corner won't do you any good. Simple is best, and the best way to start is with a lovely table centrepiece. Maybe that's all you need.

2. Clean and Delcutter Before you Decorate - it just wont look good if you add more decorations on top of clutter. Basic rule of thumb is to clean like your mother in law is coming over and declutter like your most opininated friend is about to visit. You want to dazzle your Buyer's.  

3. Treat All the Senses - winter holiday scents are the best. Fir and cinnamon top my favorites on the list, but stay away from the annoying and cloying. The Buyer may think that you are trying to hide something with a big blast of Febreeze air freshners.

4.Class not Clash -  make sure your sure your holiday decor is classic, and complimments not only your home, but your exsisting decor. It wouldnt do to have farmhouse, country Christmas decorations in a modern home.

5.Decroate to Accentuate -  Show off your homes best points by decorating them strategically. Draw the eye towards the fireplace with some well placed fir bows, or string garlands on the railing of a curved staircase.

6.Trim Down the Tree - forgo the 6 foot spruce tree for a more modest 4 foot fir tree. Rememeber space sells, especially in the Vancouver real estate market. making your home look spacious, while giving the tree the place of honor is paramount.


7. Clean - again! it really is that important.

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