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Using a Professional Mover vs. Moving Yourself

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | August 11th, 2010

Once you have bought your dream house - the real fun begins. Packing up all of your possessions into boxes and wrapping your furniture in preparation for the big day.

But should you hire a professional mover to do the dirty work for you or should you hire a van and cajole some friends into helping out.? There are some pros and cons to both.

If you hire a moving company all the little "stuff" is done. The professionals have the supplies to pack all of your collectables and dishes. They also have the know how to pack a moving truck correctly, and move it safely from point A to point B. They have insurance in place if there is a necessity to park the truck over night or travel long distances.

If you do choose to hire a mover the one thing you give up is control. Some people have a hard time stepping back and letting someone else handle all of your possesions. If you do choose the professional mover route you will have to step back and let them do their job.

The most compelling reason to move yourself is to save money. But even so you must configure on the cost of renting a van or a truck. Most North Americans these days have more stuff then can fit in a cube van so be preprared to go back and forth several times. There is also the option of hiring a U-Haul, but the work of moving, packing, loading and unloading must and be done by yourself.

The distinct disadvatage of moving yourself is the work load. This stuff is hard work! Also if you drop and break something you are the only one to blame.

Whoever you choose to move your posssessions, make sure the packing and the details are figured out beforehand. Be organized to prevent confusion during the move, and your experience will be much better, and quicker.