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The Display Suite - what it is and what it isn't

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | October 11th, 2010

Most people drop by the presentation suite that a developer has set up for a presale building. In buying a presale you are actually purchasing a suite in a building that has not been built yet. In this the developer will set up a representation of what one of the suites will look like. When I say representation I say it loosely.

A developers display suite is not made up to be an actually representation of one floor plan. More often than not they are a mixture of a few different floor plans.

They are not an actual representation of space. They just use the space that they have to work with. In many cases they will have custom made furniture, to make it look in perspective.

They are a representation of most finishes but be sure to ask which ones. Many developers will make their display suite look as if it is just out of house and home. Look for the little tags on all the fancy sparkly extras that say “for display only”.

In the case of a display suite, it will all about marketing. The shinier and more sparkly it is, the more likely they are to catch people saying “yes! I will buy one!”

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