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What clean is to one person - may not be clean to another

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | October 2nd, 2010

Things are looking up! You bought your house, it’s a firm deal, the movers are booked, and you are really excited to be moving into your first new home. But the day comes for the realtor to meet you with the keys and you look around your dream house and it is not as it looked on the day of the open house. There are dust bunnies, crumbs on the counter and it looks as if the toilet has not been flushed for ages.

When you write the contract for your dream house, it actually states on the contract that the Seller will leave the house free and clear of all debris. Debris meaning, no furniture left behind, no mattresses in the back yard and no left over belongings. What the contract doesn’t state is that the house be left in a sparkling clean condition. Partially because what is the definition of clean anyway?

It is onus of the seller and perhaps their good karma to leave the house in a clean condition, but it is very important to remember that clean to one person, is not clean to another. Not everyone has a mother like yours.

So remember, if you are a stickler for cleanliness and order, it might be a good order to budget in a cleaning company just as you would budget for the property transfer tax. It is possible to have the cleaners come in at 12:00 the moment you get your keys and then have the moving trucks come at 1:30. If you are such a stickler for clean, then you must also be good at organization.

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