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6 Great tips to Get Your Home Ready For the Market

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | September 10th, 2010

When you are preparing your home for the real estate market there are several things you may want to consider. You spend a lot of time in your house. You can become jaded with the things that you see everyday in your house. The best case is to put on a pair of Buyers glasses and view your home through the eyes of the world’s pickiest buyers, or your mother in law – which ever is worse.Here are 6 quick fixes to spend some time looking at.

 1.      Cozy up to the Fireplace – now the weather is changing and the cooler weather is here, you may want to take a look at your fireplace. If the glass that covers the front is smudged and has a film, you should clean it so that people can see the flam. If you are lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace get the chimney cleaned. A nice cozy fire on a cool Saturday afternoon open house can make all the difference.

 2.      Spruce Up the Kitchen – Clear away the clutter from the counter tops and give everything a good clean. If your cupboards are dated, the fast fix would be to change the hardware. Clean out the clutter from your cupboards and make sure everything is organized. You know Buyers will open every cupboard. Display your dry ingredients such as lentils, beans and flour in decorative jars. Organization is the key factor.

 3.      Get Away to the Spa – in the Bathroom – make your bathroom as inviting and spa like as possible. Clear out the medicine cabinet, re caulk the tub and make sure the sink and surfaces are clean. Lay out fresh towels, clean the mirror and empty the garbage can. Add scented candles or potpourri. Flush the toilet! The keep it flushed and the lid down, always!

 4.      Wood Floors Galore – if you have an outdated shag carpet, get rid of it! A good wood or laminate floor will make the place smell better and look larger. At the very least have your carpets shampooed professionally so they smell fresh.

 5.      P is for Painting – A fresh coat of paint goes along way to make your place look fresh and clean and smell good. Make sure you fill the cracks and bumps with spackle before you start painting and spend some time cutting in against the ceiling and the moulding so that it looks smooth and orderly.

Small things can go a long way to getting you more money when it comes to getting your home ready for sale. The bottom line is that you want the Buyer to walk into your home and fall in love with it right away. Cleanliness and order can make the experience that much more exciting.

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