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Do a Building Inspection with a Qualified Inspector

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | August 16th, 2010

In today’s market there is now more time between the accepted offer and subject removal. This time is usually used to satisfy the subjects that you placed on your offer. The most common subject that got dropped when the market was crazy and fast was the building inspection. This very important task allows the new buyer to get to know the house a bit better and do their own due diligence on the property.

The most important thing to remember as a buyer is to do your home inspection with a qualified, bonded and insured home inspector who has been in the market for awhile. It would be preferable that he or she comes from a company with a recognized name.

In my experience it has been the Buyers biggest mistake to hire their uncle Joey or their buddy who used to be a contractor. These people may know what they are looking at and they may not. There is no way to tell whether or not they are telling you their opinion or their first hand knowledge of the situation.

 A professional building inspector can point out the good issues and the bad, and let you know if you need to get another trade into the house to take a look at something, like the electricity or the plumbing.

There would be nothing worse then taking possession of your new home and finding out that the electricity is not up to par, while Uncle Joey told you it was okay. Wouldn’t that just be a major head ache?