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Interior Photos of a Listing - Where Are They?

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | August 5th, 2010

It is a common complaint with my Buyers that some properties do not have any pictures of the interior of the property. There are two reasons that this might occur.

One, the listing Realtor must have permission from the tenant to post photos of their interior possessions online and in advertisements. It is even better if that permission is in writing! Some tenants just don’t want pictures of their belongings online, which I get and respect. It does make the marketing of the property a little more difficult but in the end the tenants wish is my command.

Second reason, the Realtor is lazy, does not own a camera, a phone with a camera, and know enough to hire someone with a camera, or post the photos on line. A scary fact but it is true, there are Realtors out there who exist. Mind numbing but true.