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Athletes Village

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | May 20th, 2010

This week Bob Rennie invited Vancouver Realtors out to take a tour of the new Atheltes Village development, done by Millenium Water. I took the tour as I was as interested as the next person to see what all the fuss and hype was about.

I have a few points about the Village that need to be made as I have heard it more then once from other Realtors as well.

1. It is over priced. At $685,000 for a one bedroom with a den, that feels over priced. I just think they will have to do better then that.

2. The views are magnificent. Really magnificent, and if you can manage to score a suite that doesn't have a building in front of it, or looking directly into another suite, you will have done well.

3. All the finshings are the same. I suppose it was done this way to cut down on the cost. However the guy who does buy the $5 million suite gets the same finshings as the guy who buys the $400,000 studio. Yes, the guy who has bought the studio scored on the finishings, but what would be special about the $5 million besides the views?

There are currently 474 homes not sold and they have released 200 homes, of which they wrote offers on 36 last week. Those 36 still have to go through recission. Bob Rennie's speach was very sombre, and there was no hype about it. He did say that every is going to be all right.

Pictures for the views and the fininshings can be found at Top Vancouver Realtor