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Olympic Experience Day 5

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | February 16th, 2010

My idea to post blog entries about my Olympic experience down at Concord Pacific has turned out to be a big pie in the sky idea. As it turns out there is just NO time.

In between my shifts at the Concord Presentation Centre which are about 8-10 hours a day, keeping up with my own real estate business, and guilting myself into taking part in some of the happenings, there has been only just enough time to eat and sleep and maybe use the bathroom.

Apart from that, this has been an unrepeatable real estate experience. I am essentially at an open house in which the world is attending. I am meeting so many interesting people who really just want to talk to  a native of Vancouver and find out about our real estate prices. Inevitably there will be some degree of separation that we have in common.

For instance I am meeting people who know the university I went to in the Maritmes, and what's more they know somebody I do. I also met a woman from Saskatoon who knows my husband's family and goes to the same church.  This country is pretty big but only in size.

When I am not meeting people and talking about real estate, I am also getting a shirt autogrpahed by Daniel Igali - Canada's gold medal winner for wrestling in Beijing, getting a accidental free pass to see Bare Naked Ladies at Molson Canadian Hockey House, hanging with the VIP's in the same venue,seeing Luc Robatille and Elizabeth Manley, and watching Alex Bilodeau visit the Maison Quebec.

It surely hasnt been all work!