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Olympic Experience Day 1

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | February 11th, 2010

For the duration of the Olympics I will be situated at Concord Pacific right smack dab in the middle of the action. Concord has leased out its parking lot to a number of different venues including right to play, the provinces of Quebec and Saskatchewan and of course Molson Hockey House. Incidently the parking lot is also adjacent to the entrance gates and security checkpoints for BC Place, and down the seawall from Sotchi House - Science World.

This is apparently where all of the action will be. I have been asked by Concord to be down here as much as possible for the next 17 days, to help showcase some of their upcoming developements.

If be here I must then I thought I might as well have fun with it and also do some blogging. I think this will be an opportunity to realize just exactly how big and how small our country really is.

As I write there is huge cheering and yelling coming from Athlete's village, and they are doing sound check at Molson Hockey House. So many people from so many different countries, and provinces are coming through the doors, it will be a great time to showcase the weird, wild and wonderful!

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