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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before They Can Sell Your House

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | March 30th, 2009

When you hire a Realtor to sell your house you are hiring them to sell one of the biggest investments you have ever made, not to mention your home, the place where you live, work, play and relax. Why then, do some people trust their most important investment to a Realtor who does not have a few simple tools of the trade?

I have compiled a list of small, simple and cheap tools that I believe any one who calls themselves a Realtor must have in this industry to do a deal, and I am still runinng into a few agents who just don't have these simple communication tools, that can make or break a deal for me and my Buyer.

1. Does your agent have a cell phone?

Yes believe it or not there are still some agents out there who have pagers. You must phone the pager to leave a message then wait for the agent to find a phone to call you back.

2. If your agent has a cell phone do they have voice mail?

It seems so simple, a small tool like voice mail can really make my day. It is more then frustrating to phone an agent to show their property, only to have it ring and ring. You can't leave them a message because they don’t have voice mail. Then the most annoying habit ever  - they do the call back to the phone number that just called, and asks who just called me and what do you want. Yes, this sounds professional indeed.

3. If they have a phone and a voice mail - do they check their voice mail?

Again, frustration is never more profound when you are trying to show a listing that another agent has and you have left 5 voicemails over the course of the last 24 hours and none of them are answered. How is that home ever going to get sold?

4. Do you have an email?

Yep email. Email is pretty simple and it is free! Why not have an email address? This way I can email information, contracts, and strata minutes to another agent instead of driving all over the city at 10:00 at night to deliver these things.

Believe me I get the fact that there are some people out there who don't do the internet and that is acceptable, as long as they are my clients, not the other Realtor I am trying to do a deal with. Once you have an email you can also check it once a day as well. It is not too much to ask surely.

5. Do you have a fax machine?

If you don't have an email and you don't have access to the internet, perhaps you can have a fax machine? Once the negotiation process is entered into with an offer, it is really hard to stop. If it goes on into the wee hours of the night then so be it. But it is more then easy to just pop the contract through the fax to the listing agent and have them go and meet their clients. Much easier then driving the contract to the listing agents house, who then has to drive it over to their clients house to get it signed.

I understand the fact that everyone would like a legible contract at the end of the negotiation process. This can be achieved by having a laser fax and printer. The resolution can be very high and it can be a very legible contract.

Just having and using these few simple tools can make any Realtors  life so much easier. Also, when you sign a listing with a Seller you are promising them that you, as their Realtor are going to do the best possible to get their property sold, and isn't having a phone, voicemail, email and fax just barely scratching the surface of doing your best?


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