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Will Backyard Chckens Mean Extra Dislcosure for Realtors?

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | March 13th, 2009

Generally I like to disclose as much about the property and as little about the client as possible to people who are viewing my listings. In the past weeks it seems I have been dealing with a couple of extra disclosure items that have had my intestines in a knot and running to my manager in virtual tears not knowing what to do. What should be disclosed and what should not? What is a huge item and possibly a deal breaker to one person, the other won't care and it doesn't even phase them! You just never know what or who you are dealing with.

The City of Vancouver's recent decision to let home owners keep chickens in your back yard really has me thinking. Don't get me wrong. I love chickens. There is nothing better then eggs from a chicken, that you know was allowed to run free, every morning. But chickens are dirty, and if you haven't noticed they poo....alot. If they are not kept properly, and cleaned they could attract mice and rats. Not to mention the raccoons, skunks, and neighbourhood cats, wanting fresh eggs or fresh chicken. What happens if your house is over run with these unwanted visitors because you and your neighbour forgot to clean you chicken coop this week?

I can just see it in the very near future, sitting at the kitchen table listing a property for sale with the home owners going through the Property Condition Disclosure Statement. Are you aware of any damage or unrepaired damage by rodents or pests? Any underground oil storage tanks, knob and tube wiring, zonolite insulation, or drywall that leaks poisneous gases? No, Okay! Has your property even been used as a marjiuana grow operation or to manufacture illegal drugs? No ? Great!

Have your backyard chickens ever had Avian Flu? Yes, No, I don't know?