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Merging Your Stuff

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | January 23rd, 2009

So, You have made the desicion. You are going to move in with your partner or your mate. There is nothing more fun then the initial stages of playing house, where everything is brand new. But now you have to merge two households full of stuff!

Most couples will never admit that their stuff could come between them, but the more I see it the more it becomes blatently obvious, merging your stuff can cause major disharmony in relationships. It is not one of the areas couples will admit to or think that they have problems but no one really seems to talk about it!

The most important thing to realize when you are merging households is that you will have to make some significant sacrifices. In the same vein that your boyfriend does not want to live in a Victorian doll house fantasy with lace and doilies and pink walls, your girlfriend will not want to live with your lifesize photo of Twisted Sister staring down at her while she wakes up in the morning. The key is to compromise, and use the best pieces from each persons stuff.

Another key component to merging your stuff with your beloved is to admit when it is ugly. Remember the old saying a change is as good as a rest. Put your star wars sheets in the back of the closet for six months and let them rest. if you haven't thought about them then it is possible you don't need them!

Emma Cooper with Clarity Jane Organizing stresses the importance of not giving human qualitites to inanimate objects. "It is important that once that futon matress goes on the junk pile that you must not trick your mind into thinking that it looks like a lost kitten looking for a home" says Emma. "It will still exsist somewhere, just not at your house!"

Finally, realize the reasons that you are moving in together. Remember that family is or should be a # 1 priority and it is not worth starting out at a new house with a big fight.


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