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Number one Blunder to Avoid When Buying Real Estate

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | January 6th, 2009


When people buy Real Estate it should be a happy time. It can be happy and non stressful if you do all of the right things. The number one thing I see people doing in this market all the time, and the one thing they should be doing is confiding in a trusted advisor that has your best interests at heart.


This advisor should be your Realtor and they should represent you and only you, and not the Seller.


There a re a few reasons why people choose withhold info rmation:

  1. Fear of how they will be Perceived
  2. Irrational belief that they have all of the answers
  3. they don’t feel that info rmation is important enough


All of these reasons will come out throughout the course of negotiating the transaction anyway, so why not just get it over with. If you are working with a good realtor they will not judge you for your past mistakes or deeds. They have a fiduciary duty to keep these issues a secret and not disclose them. It is very hard to help a person if you don’t know what they are doing behind your back.


If you have cold feet and don’t want to proceed with the deal, you can talk to your Realtor about these feelings. An experienced Realtor will help discover if you really should back out of the deal or work with you through your anxieties.


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