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The Commute vs. Space

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | December 14th, 2008

With the general decline of affordability in Vancouver's Real Estate market in the last few years more and more people hve been moving their families out to the suburbs. In the city of Surrey you can still find a 2700 square foot house on a 9000 square foot lot in a good neighborhood with good schools for under $475,000.

When making the desicion to move to the suburbs consider the other costs. Sure yoou may be saving money on yoour mortgage payments but is it really making your cost of living go down? Consider your car payments, wear and tear on your car, gas, insurance, and the great intangible your quality of life and time away from your family.

If you stop and think about the math it could be quite big. If you consider that the commute from Surrey to Downtown one way 1 hours worth of driving. You do this twice a day five days a week, 350 days a year. This 700 hours a year or 29 days that you have spent in the car commuting. A full month.

If you take this into perspective, a smaller house might just be worth your time?