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Time to Make Your Investment a Home

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | November 8th, 2008

Markets don’t tend to move in straight lines. Not often do we ever look at the up or the downward trends but what is right smack in the middle.


In the last seven years we have been experiencing a bull real estate market with average yearly gins in the double digits. There was an overwhelming surge of consumer confidence as well as a number of real estate success stories. While it is too soon to estimate how the collapse of the Lehman Bros, Washington Mutual and the American bid to re shape their economy, will effect our economy and our housing market they are hard to ignore. The overall attitude of the Vancouver Buyer at this point seems to be wait and see.


For those buyers and Sellers who can see the big picture the future looks relatively bright, what with the BC economy as one of the strongest in Canada, interest have been projected and continue to remain the same, job creation is up and unemployment is down. Metro Vancouver is growing in population, our national status as an Olympic bearing city is being heard and we have gained a reputation as being the gateway to the Asian markets.


We have entered a new stage of our evolution in the Lower Mainland, one of longer term stability and maturity. It is time to take home Buying for what it really is – the purchase of a place to live. It is time to learn to enjoy your purchase and not fret about how much money you did or didn’t make.


Your home must become just that your home! A place of solitude and retreat where you can entertain, relax, put down roots, where your family resides and you watch them grow and play.


In a housing market that may go up or down, from a stock market that goes haywire with each passing bit of news good or bad – we must learn to look at our homes as just that – a home!


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