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Vancouver Real Estate Market - Buyer Etiquette

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | October 22nd, 2008

In this challenging Vancouver Real Estate Market pricing your home as a Seller is very difficult. You want to make sure that the price is just low enough to be in front of the falling market and unhappy consumer confidence out there right now. You also don’t want to under price your home and leave money on the table in an economic climate where every penny counts.


Many agents are pricing their listings perfectly and are getting lots of Buyers coming through their homes at open houses. Buyers however are tending to take the low road in terms of bringing in offers. There are a few things I have seen in the past few months of this changing market that are not so nice. There are a few Buyers that could do with a bit of etiquette.


  1. If the price is too high for the market try an offer any way – in some cases Sellers don’t understand the market and the way things are but they want to try it at their price any way. In some cases they need the offer and will look at it. If they have a good realtor on their side, the agent will present that offer and try any way possible to make it work.


  1. If you do make a low offer be prepared – low offers can insult some Sellers. Be prepared to have your offer rejected. Also be prepared to go back a second time, there is always a way to make a deal.



  1. Don’t shoot the messenger – The messenger being the Realtor. If a house is priced a certain way and you think it is too high, express your opinion, its free country after all. But don’t give the Realtor the ten thousand different ways that you think they have single handedly ruined the economy and made your life a living hell. You don’t know all the reasons behind why it is priced the way it is. In the same respect if you are the Seller and the Realtor is bringing you a very low offer, don’t shout and lay blame – know that the Realtor feels bad enough as it is. You have three obvious choices when you receive an offer, accept reject or counter. In this market place you had better be ready to counter.


  1. Snarly Awkward Buyers stay home- if you feel the house is over priced or something is wrong with it that is detrimental to your health, then ask questions, find out  info rmation. Don’t snarl at the Realtor and make them feel horrible because you can’t afford a house. Happy people are not a dime a dozen these days and the last thing anyone needs at an open house is a snarly Buyer yelling at them.


  1. There are some great deals out there – just be prepared to do the leg work to go out and find them. Rome was not built in a day and the best things in life are neither free, or found easily.

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