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National Do not Call List

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | September 21st, 2008

As of September 29, 2008 we, as a nation, will be introduced to the Do Not Call List. This list is a collection of telephone owners who have put their names on a list so that telemarketers won't be able to call them anymore.

I for one am truly excited about this list and plan to put my name on it as soon as possible. There has not been a quiet family dinner or a relaxing evening that has gone by in the last few years where the phone rings and it is a radio survey, an automated voice telling me I must come to a free home buyers seminar, someone telling me I won a trip to Mexico, or a phone company trying to tell me that I must go with them as they have the very best long distance rates in the world! I am tired of dealing with pushy sales people who won't take no for an answer when you tell them you already have a credit card and don't need another!

As a Vancouver Realtor, I have not cold called potential clients asking for business for about 7 years. I find it to be a harsh way of doing business and one that has gone the way fo the dinosaur in terms of marketing and getting your name out there. The fine for Realtors who continue to cold call, any person who is on the list will be astronomical and completely not worth the time.

It is unfortunate that surveys and charities are the only exceptions to the rule and will still be able to call anyone on the list without fines.

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