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A New Tool to help Consumers With PreSales

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | July 26th, 2008

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA), the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC (CHBA BC) and the Urban Development Institute (UDI) today announed the new "Presale Cross Reference List" to help consumers with understanding the risks, and opportunities, involved in buying real estate at pre-sale.

"Over the years, thousands of British Columbians have entered into contracts to buy new homes before the construction of their homes had begun or during the construction period," said BCREA President Scott Veitch. "The Presale Cross Reference List helps ensure homebuyers are aware of the unique considerations involved in purchasing these properties.

The Presale Cross Reference List is intended as a starting point for homebuyers to determine whether enquiries, advice or clarification is needed when navigating the purchase of a home in a multifamily development under construction. Buyers unfamiliar with such projects may require extensive consultation with knowledgeable professionals who have experience with presale investments.

"Presales are an excellent vehicle for purchasers to buy a new home and often result in cost savings for the purchaser. However, as with any investment, consumers need to understand what the opportunities and risks are to make an informed decision," said Maureen Enser, UDI Executive Director."

Claire LeLacheur Vancouver Real Estate

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