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7 Top Selling Tips For Today's Market

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | June 23rd, 2008

A great thing to remember while you are selling your home is to remember to put on your Buyers glasses. You only get one time to make a great first impression.  Now that our market has changed slighty and we have turned the corner to a Buyers market, it is more important then ever to make your place a wininng combination of fabulous.

Cook up Your Kitchen

You don't have to spend a lot to make your kitchen look as if it is a chef'a dream kitchen. Small touches like bowls of fresh fruit, wine and glasses on the counters, a trendy appliance that catches the eye, and place settings made up at the breakfast bar make your kitchen seem as though your entertain all the time.

Redo Your Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the first thing that Buyers see as they enter your home. If you cabinets are old or washed out with knicks and scrathces it immediately takes away from the appeal. A quick coat of paint or stain, new pulls and some hardware can make your cabinets sparkle and the Buyers whip out their checkbooks.

Use Counter Intelligence

Counters are a very small piece to whole puzzle, however, they are noticed. Buyers want to imagine entertaining, and cooking on their ktichen surfaces. Make sure all of the clutter is cleared away from your counters and they wiped down and free of spills and crumbs and marks from cutting food. If possible get new granite, Corian or laminate counters to freshen things up.

Open Up and Say Offers

These days Buyers like big open family spaces. If there is a wall between the kitchen and the living room, knock it out! Space and the feelng of space goes a long way in today's market. Open the kitchen and make a breakfast bar, or open the living room from a bedroom to make a bigger more open family room and living room. The Martimes are not the only place the kitchen party occurs.

Go With the Flow

There is nothing worse then a big chair that blocks the way to a door way or a couch in front of a patio door. Move your furniture around so that there is a flow and ease of movement within your space.

Go From Trash To Treasure

Remove junk drawers from your kitchen and office. Buyers open your closets and your drawers to get a sense of where their possessions will fit in their new home. If you have a junk room, get rid of it! There is nothing worse then a room full of stuff you might use in 10 years. If you haven't used it in 1 year throw it away!

Match the Book to its Cover

If your house looks like a castle on the outside, make sure the inside matches. Nothing is more disappointing to a Buyer then having a house with fantastic curb appeal and being drab and dim on the inside.

The #1 thing to do when selling your home is....don't do nothing! Doing something, whether big or small doesn't have to cost alot, but it will make a big difference down the road when you have an offer on the table.