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Marketing 101 for Sellers

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | June 7th, 2008

I work with a lot of Buyers but I also work with a lot of Sellers.

Part of my job when working for a Seller is to make their property look as realistic and appealing as possible. One of the best ways to do this is with pictures. It is simple and easy and takes about 10 minutes of time. I spend alot of time when the properrty is first listed taking interior and exterior shots from different angles. I use a good camera, a regular lense and ambient light to make everything look natural.

Many of my Buyers have complained to me about Realtors these days using fake light, and wide angle lenses to make the property look un realsitic in the pictures to attract more Buyers. Once inside Buyers look at different things then they do on the interent. Buyers are very educated these days and they feel a bit jipped when they show up at a house which looks fantastic on the web and is really just 500 sqaure feet and dark and dingy.

Once I have my pictures I post them on MLS.ca and my website right away. I am alloted 10 pictures to post on MLS.ca. I can also post up to thirty pictures on my website which can be found easily on the internet or from a link from MLS.ca. I do this right away and my Sellers appreciate that I have taken the time to market their property on the interent.

95% of home Buyers are finding their new home on the interent these days. In this day of new technology, and the fact that everyone and their dog has a camera of some sort, why aren't Realtors posting some great pictures of their properties online? Better yet if you have one picture why stop there? Post ten! You can!

Whether it is a Downtown luxury condo or a fabulous East Vancouver character house, there should be at least ten realistic pictures. And I am not seeing them. It is a great way to market the property. Why not? A fuzzy dark picture of the exterior of the building does not seem like great marketing tactics to me.

I see it this way. It is a proper way to advertise and market your home. Sellers should be insisting that their home be represented on the internet. Statistics don't lie.

My question to you is this. Why are you, the Seller, hiring a Realtor who is not taking pictures of your home and advertising on the internet? You are paying a lot why not get your monies worth?

Claire LeLacheur Vancouver Real Estate