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Buyers Working With a Realtor?

Blog by Claire LeLacheur | May 15th, 2008

Lately the average Buyer has been approching me through sign calls on my listings, website calls or emails from MLS.ca. While the average Buyer has figured out where all of the Realtors are advertising their listings, the average Buyer has not figured out the importance of getting a good Realtor on their side before shopping for a home.

A recent sign call on my listing at 2317 Graveley went something like this. I asked the Buyer, "Are you working with a Realtor?"

The Buyer replied, "No I want a deal. I will just get the listing agent to write up the deal once I find my new place and then I will get a discount." What?? In another conversation with another Buyer that went equally as well, the answer was, "I don't remember her name but she is our Realtor." Please! Please!

First, you want a deal......

You are the Buyer, you don't pay commissions. The Seller pays all of the commssions to both Realtors. Secondly, the Selling Realtor has a duty to the Seller to get them the best price possible. If you have a Realtor working for you why wouldn't they have a duty to you to get the best price possible as well? In light of these remarkable details why wouldn't you just go out and find your own Realtor? Better yet find a Realtor before you even start shopping so that you can develop a realtionship with that Realtor and you can trust them when it comes time to talk money?

You don't remember her name.........

You are about to make the biggest financial purchase of your life. You are going to be stuck with this house for two or three years at the most and you are putting yourself in the hands of someone, of whom you don't know their name? Enough said!!!!!

If you are one of these Buyers, give me call. My name is one syllable, my first name is easy to pronounce and once I am through explaining all of these great things to you...you will remember my name.